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Weird pygaze calibration reports (constant distance value & absurdly high acc values)


My pygaze calibrations reports always turn out quite weird. For one thing, the screen distance is ALWAYS 57cm, no matter which eye-tracking device I'm using. I've tried to find out why by inspecting the according files, but to no avail. The other issue is the accuracy, which is always around 700px horizontally and 500px vertically, no matter how well the device was calibrated. In the end, the calibration report doesn't matter all that much in my experiment specifically since I've created a custom validation by which I judge the need for a recalibration. However, I would still like to find out why the results end up like this since it'd be more convenient to report the pygaze calibration results in an article rather than having to explain my custom validation :)

Can you give me a tip where to look for potential culprits? I think the coordinate settings may be to blame, but that's just a hunch.

Thanks in advance!


  • Dear @Edwin

    I noticed the same problem as @ChrIm pointed out. For example, this is a calibration report on the Tobii T60:

    While I'm pretty sure that I was following the targets closely, the accuracy report seems to show otherwise. It is interesting that those values were so close to the center of the screen. I was wondering if the reports did not show the absolute deviation from the targets but some kind of average position of samples?



  • Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem using Tobii Spectrum, any advice would be helpful.



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