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"named elements not supported"-What does it mean?

Hi there,

I'm interested in running with OS and JATOS.

in the manual section of OS it's mentioned that for the sketchpad and feedback ""named elements not supported".

What does it mean exactly? What is optional in OS which is not possible now through JATOS?




  • Hi SH,

    In OpenSesame (on the desktop), you can give names to individual elements on a sketchpad or a Canvas object. This is convenient if you want to refer to these elements in an inline_script or in a mouse_response (as a region of interest).

    But in OSWeb this is not supported, i.e. sketchpad elements don't have names that you can refer to. Does that clear things up?



  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thank you for answer.

    To be honest it's not clear for me yet :)

    May I be more specific? Say that I have loop running a trial sequence with a keyboard response. Is it possible to define the correct answer of the keyboard by referring a variable from the loop? Is it possible to upload an updated stimuli on a feedback object by referring to the loop?


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