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Little problem in MT_form

I have problem in mousetrap_form while I am trying to execute :
MT_form' object has no attribute 'render'
I use version 3.2.4

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    This strikes me as an incompatibility between mousetrap_form and OpenSesame 3.2, in which the form functionality has been reworked. So if you want to use that plugin, I would stick to OpenSesame 3.1 for now. (Ping @Pascal)


  • Thanks for your reply Sebastiaan. Yes, I found only in mousetrap_form, there is no error in mousetrap_response. With your suggested version there is no error after all.

  • Hi,

    this problem should not occur if you are using OpenSesame 3.2 together with the latest development version of the mousetrap plugin - as discussed here:

    You can install it via:

    import pip
    pip.main(['install', ''])

    We will release a new version soon so that the latest stable release is also compatible with OpenSesame 3.2



  • Thanks Pascal for your reply and plugin installation. I was wrong took the different version, that cause the error message. Just install development version, it solve the problem too.


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