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Dysfunction of Opensesame 3.2.6 & 3.2.5 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6


As part of my studies in master 1 cognitive sciences, with my teacher Stéphanie Massol, we are doing an experiment on Opensesame 3.2.6. However, I have a problem

with running Opensesame on my mac, and the version is macOs High Sierra 10.13.6. When I run the experiment it blocks my computer and I can not do anything.I made you a screen print of what it displays before and after the launch experience. On the other hand,

I could not make a screen print of what happens when I run the experiment because everything is blocked. I also try with version 3.2.5 but that does not work either.

Thanking you in advance.


Radhia Barour


  • Hi Radhia,

    There are two things here: The first screenshot shows a warning that the operating system uses "display scaling". This means that stimuli are shown a bit larger than they should be (although the exact effect depends on the operating system) as a way to make small things visible on a very high resolution display. But this is unrelated to the freezing.

    The 'freezing' appears to happen when the experiment is waiting for a key press. So I'm guessing that a sketchpad with a black screen is shown, and that this is followed by a keyboard_response, which gives the appearance of the experiment being frozen. But why that happens, I cannot tell! Perhaps if you upload the experiment here, I can take a look.



    PS. Don't tag people (me or others) just to attract attention! We do our best to help everyone on the forum, but sometimes it just takes a little while.

  • Hello Sebastiaan,

    First of all thank you for your answer.

    I tried to change the resolution of my computer screen and the resolution of the experiment (directly on opensesame) but it did not work either .. And when I run the experiment, the "freezing" is done on the main page. I'm trying to press all the keys but nothing works except the "cmd and Q" keys at the same time to unlock my computer screen..

    Yes no problem here are attached screenshots corresponding to "freezing" and just after the "freezing", and my teacher will send you the experience

    Thank you for all, and really sorry I thought you did not find my publication that's why I tagged you.



  • edited March 2019

    Hi Radhia,

    The item trace in the error message shows that the freezing happens in the run phase of the input_gathering_1 item. So there's probably something wrong in the code there. Could you upload the experiment here, or paste the script (if it's not too long)?



  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    First of all, thanks for your responses! Please find here a screen print regarding the script related to "input_gathering-1". Maybe you should know that this script is running perfectly well on orther PC and Mac (that used the version OS Mojave10.14.3). So we were wondering whether the problem is only dua a kind of compatibility between OpenSesame and macOs High Sierra 10.13.6.

    Many thanks in advance for your help!



  • Hi Stéphanie,

    The problem is clear: The keyboard is polled, and it responds to escape presses (because you can abort), but apparently the key value is never "return", and therefore you never break the while loop. But why this happens, and why specifically to one system, I don't know.

    What I would do is print out the key variable to the debug window so that you can trace what happens if you press a key. Just after you've called my_keyboard.get_key() you could have the following line:

    if key is not None:

    That should probably clarify things.



  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thanks for your help! We'll look at it!



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