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Welcome to the new official Expyriment forum!

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Thanks to COGSCIdotNL we have a new home for support and user discussions. Feel free to ask questions to either the developers or to other users, share code examples and discuss anything else related to Expyriment.



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    Welcome aboard!

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    Oh. This is awesome. I really like Expyriment and to have a forum to interact with other users (and the developers) is super.

  • Hello Expyriment experts,

    I have written some code using Expyriment which is now in use as part of a cognitive battery in a large medical study. The code (which I am more than happy to share with the community if others are interested) measures simple and choice reaction time.

    Unfortunately, we are experiencing regular intermittent problems with Expyriment. In the middle of tests the keyboard no longer responds. The escape key does not exit the test and since the application is fullscreen the only option available to users is to reboot the computer.

    The application is installed on three Dell laptops all running Linux and the problems occur in all of the laptops. There is no particular pattern to the crashes as far as we can tell. Using ssh to connect to a laptop with a frozen Expyriment instance shows it to be functioning normally.

    Have you any idea how I might go about solving this? Is there a log I can check that might give some hint as to what is happening?

  • Dear Robert,

    I glad to hear you are using Expyriment in your work, and I am sorry to hear you are having problems. If you could share the code of the particular experiment with us, then we will have a look to identify what could be the issue.
    Also, it would be helpful for us if you could send us your system information by running the test suite and after having run the tests for display, save the protocol file (for details, see
    Furthermore, you could check the event files Expyriment creates on each run for some irregularities.


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